Board of Directors

Keyboard and Mouse

Shelley Beavers                    

Research and Analysis/Business Development


Grace Blackwood                 

Behavioral Healthcare/Quality Assurance


Eric Chapman                      

Law Enforcement/Re-entry/Prison Services


Donna Coakley                    

Behavioral Healthcare/Business Development


Margaret Dunn                      

Special Education & Developmental Disabilities


Sam Edwards                       

Health and Human Services/Veteran Services


Jeffri Epps                            

Business Development and Strategy


Angela Guzman                   

Marketing/Business Development


Maureen Johnson               

Behavioral Healthcare/Quality Assurance


Uriel Johnson                      

Foundation and Non-profit Oversight/Business Development


Osaze Shabazz                   

Treatment and Behavioral Healthcare/Veterans Services


Myra Surratt-Walters            

Business and Organizational Development/Supported Services for Seniors