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Healthcare Administration

A Compliance & Evaluation Oversight Firm

We are a comprehensive provider of mental health and substance abuse services oversight for small to medium sized Healthcare Agencies. Services provided (internal and contracted) include oversight for the following: case management, outpatient, psychiatric, integrated healthcare, crisis intervention, crisis residential, community living supports, respite, substance use disorders, assertive community treatment, residential care, infant mental health, intensive home-based for children, autism, support groups, consultation, prevention, and community education. 


The services below are CARF accredited programs. CARF is an international accrediting body that seeks to promote strong values and quality care to organizations that provide services to consumers, which further demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality of service. Its historical service began with BrownStone Community Healthcare Centers, LLC and its array of services to include:
1. Assessment and referral
2. Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
3. Crisis Intervention (Specifically Pre-Hospitalization Screening)
4. Outpatient Treatment
5. Intensive Family-Based Services
6. Case Management and Supports
7. Prevention, Education, Consultation
8. Urgent Care

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